First 1.5TB micro SD card promises to work for 5 years at a high level

Micron, a company known for its data storage solutions, has just introduced the i400 as the first micro SD card with a capacity of 1.5 TB. The product is intended for use in security cameras, but should also be useful in other applications.

Micro SD card can store up to 120 days of footage recorded by security cameras.

According to what the brand said, it is possible to save up to four months of continuous recordings, but this value should depend on aspects such as video resolution and other technical image characteristics.

The launch comes amid a boom in the video security device market, which is expected to be worth around US$83 billion (approximately R$428 billion in direct conversion) in 2030. In addition to cameras for home environments, other examples of Products that will be able to use the new card include items installed in cars, police and factory uniforms, and more.

There’s also support for 4K recordings, with up to eight artificial intelligence (AI) events per second. In practice, these events may include detection of specific objects, face recognition, and other such features.

In addition to its own storage, the i400 card can also work in hybrid systems such as cloud video security services as a service (VSaaS). Furthermore, the ability to deliver AI analytics in real time could make smart camera decisions happen faster and more accurately.

1.5TB component has higher line capacity (Image: Disclosure/Micron)

The i400 microSD is built on a 176-layer 3D NAND process, which the brand has been using since late 2020. The company hopes to develop new 232-layer NAND technologies in the future, and work its way up to 500 layers in the long term. deadline.

Durability was also an aspect cited by Micron, as the i400 has a mean time to failure (MTTF) of close to two million hours. The brand also guarantees five years of high quality operation, even with demanding card usage (24/7).

The i400 micro SD card is currently being sampled with potential consumers, but has not yet been made available for purchase by the general public.

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