First case of monkeypox in Jönköping County

Infection control doctor Malin Begnér confirms to SVT that the county has now received its first case of monkeypox. However, she is very secretive about the case.

– It was not unexpected that cases would appear here sooner or later. There were already routines in place before this case regarding when it is relevant to take samples for monkeypox and how suspected or confirmed cases should be handled, and we continue to follow these in the same way as before. We also continue to try to reach out with information to the residents, about the disease and about getting tested for suspected symptoms, says Malin Begnér in an email.

Region Jönköpping County has been allocated a few doses of vaccine against monkeypox. The vaccine must be used for people who are suspected of having been exposed to infection.

So far, 85 people throughout the country have been infected with monkeypox. No person has died in Sweden, however, two deaths have occurred in Europe.

See three questions about monkeypox below:

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Is monkeypox only transmitted through sex? What do the symptoms look like? Hear the virologist’s answer. Photo: SVT

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Region Jönköping County is preparing for a possible spread of monkeypox. Photo: Fredrik Weibull/ SVT

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