First major PS5 redesign would include a removable disk drive: Is it the PS5 Pro?

Launched in November 2020, the PS5 It has not had aesthetic changes in either of its two versions. Time has passed, Sony has changed some things internally, but at the design level it has not dared to make changes… until now.

A report from the renowned whistleblower Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson ensures that the next and first major console redesign could include a removable disk drive.

This device would allow gaming using a drive connected via USB-C. The report highlights that we could see this new PS5 model around September 2023, but does not clarify if the version will be called PS5 Pro.

The end of the two versions of PS5?

The PS5 comes in two versions, one with a built-in disc drive and a digital edition that can’t read discs, even if you plug a USB drive into it. With the redesign plans, it seems that Sony is trying to do away with that digital/disc duality, instead of selling the same console with or without the drive included.

Insider Gaming adds that the disc drive for the upcoming PlayStation 5 will be sold separately, which would also make it a lot easier to repair your console if it stops reading discs.

The interior of the PlayStation 5 has changed significantly since its release in November 2020. In 2021, a new version with a lighter heatsink began to roll out, and earlier this year the console received a motherboard and cooling system. new cooling.

Physically speaking, it’s hard to predict what the next Play will look like, but it will probably look similar to the current digital edition, with the exception of the additional USB-C port for the drive. The report further states that the revision would completely replace the current chassis, but with identical hardware.

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