“First measure too strong”: Simone Ballack explains embarrassing Photoshop failure at Oktoberfest

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Of: Sarah Wolzen

Simone Ballack made headlines at the Oktoberfest start with an obviously edited photo. Now she speaks up. And explains the reason for the embarrassing Photoshop glitch.

Munich – Oktoberfest fans had to wait a whole 1077 days until September 17th when it finally said: O’zapft ist! Also present on the first day of Oktoberfest: Simone Ballack (46). With an edited photo of her Oktoberfest visit, she caused a lot of ridicule on the Internet. Now the ex-wife of football star Michael Ballack explains how the embarrassing mishap could have happened.

Simone Ballack with an embarrassing Photoshop mistake on her first visit to the Wiesn

But what was it all about? On Instagram, Simone Ballack posted a photo showing her in a smart dirndl in front of a candy stand. At second glance, it is immediately clear: something is not right, because the floor of the stand has an unusual bump behind the legs of the 46-year-old. Photoshop-Philipp probably had a hand in this – the first malicious comments were therefore not long in coming.

Simone Ballack provides clarification after her embarrassing Photoshop fail © Instagram: simoneballack

The wave of mockery from the Internet was probably too much for Simone Ballack – now she is back with a detailed statement about the Photoshop glitch. “So for the super experts, fly in the ointment seekers and everyone who has nothing else to do,” she addresses her critics directly. “I actually wanted to retouch my bruises on my legs,” said the Wiesn-goer.

Photoshop is part of the basic equipment, especially for Instagrammers. More and more influencers use image editing programs to optimize their photos and thus create a distorted body image in their often youthful followers. To counteract this a law is now to be passed in Norway that marks retouched images as such.

Simone Ballack explains Photoshop glitch

But why didn’t she spot the obvious mistake herself? As is the case at the Oktoberfest: the beer was to blame. “The first Mass was probably too strong after all,” admits Simone Ballack with a laughing smiley face. In addition, there is the excitement recording again in the original, without a dent, but with blue legs.

Of course, Cathy Hummels from Munich shouldn’t be missing at the Oktoberfest either. How the presenter would tie her bow on the dirndl was hotly debated in advance. After all, this provides information about the current relationship status – and Mats Hummels’ wife has been the subject of speculation again and again since the rumors about their separation. Now Cathy Hummels finally revealed through her dirndl whether she is single or taken. Sources used: instagram.com/simoneballack; oktoberfest.de

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