Five applicants to the Ombudsman's Office were denounced for lack of suitability

Five applicants to the Ombudsman’s Office were denounced for lack of suitability

Candidates for the Ombudsman.

Six lawyers are in the race for the election of the new head of the People’s Ombudsman. However, five of this group have been denounced by citizens for lack of suitability for the position they are applying for and whose process is in charge of a special commission in the Congress of the republic. The crossed out are Miguel Soria, Delia Muñoz, Gaston Soto, Josué Gutiérrez and Jorge Luis Rioja. All for different reasons.

according to the newspaper The Republic, the case of Soria is due to the fact that it registers 21 tickets for traffic violations that would add up to S/ 6,263.04. Additionally, he is questioned because he served as Vice Minister of Justice during the administration of the former president Martin Vizcarra.

For his part, the accusation against Muñoz consists of the performance he had when he was in charge of the Justice portfolio in the brief management of Manuel Merino in November 2020. That month, as is known, young people Inti Sotelo and Bryan Pintado They lost their lives in the midst of social protests.

In addition, it is recalled that the candidate proposed by people force wanted to remove the state attorney general, Daniel Soriaso that it is replaced by Katherine Ampuero. In the end, Soria did not resign and obtained a statement from the State Legal Defense Council that warned about this situation.

People's Ombudsman.  (Andean)
People’s Ombudsman. (Andean)

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