Five arrested for assaults and acts of intimidation

Five arrested for assaults and acts of intimidation

Juarez City.- Police attached to the Specialized Unit for Attention to Domestic Violence (Unevid) of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) arrested five people on Saturday for assaults and acts of intimidation, reported Adrián Sánchez, spokesman for the corporation.

He said that one of the people who was arrested, Cinthia Nallely LJ, 32, allegedly assaulted her husband in a house located on Pico Dufor and Sierra Yamasa streets, in the Urbivilla del Cedro II neighborhood.

Alejandro CP, 30, was arrested on Valle del Rodamo street, in the Plaza del Sol neighborhood, after being accused of physically and verbally assaulting his sentimental partner.

Another, 48-year-old Antonio FG, was arrested on Fifth and Francisco Portillo streets, in the Northern Division, after being denounced by his father for having beaten him when he was drunk.

Jesús PR, 38, and Samara EG, 22, were arrested outside a home located on San Eliseo and San Idelfonso streets, in the Santa Isabel neighborhood, after they were caught beating each other due to jealousy. during a family gathering.

The five detainees were consigned before the Public Ministry, in the State Investigation Agency (AEI).

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