Five basic manners to live in a harmonious environment. Write them down!

When we interact with people who share a space with us, it is important to maintain a culture of respect, so we will be prepared to start a nice communication.

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María José Arguedas, specialist in social etiquette, gives you the essential keys so that good manners are not lacking in a harmonious environment.

Do not interrupt others in the conversation

A good conversation requires not only knowing how to speak well, but also listen and respect what the other party says without cutting off the conversation. Let the other person say what they have to say, and then offer your own opinion.

Turn off the phone in necessary places

If you are in a work meeting, study or any space that requires concentration and dialogue with various parties, don’t forget to keep your mobile device on silent, this way you will avoid interrupting dialogues or important actions of the moment. However, if you have an emergency, leave the place discreetly to be able to take your call.

Avoid yelling in public places

Although you may be in a crowded space, it is important to respect good manners and do not exalt the voice because you could disturb more than one. If you have an emergency, locate an acquaintance or a security person to receive immediate help.

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Table Manners

There are several essential rules to follow at the table. But when it comes to communicating with others while eating, it’s important do not make noise when chewing food, or eat with your mouth open.

Also, don’t rush into a dialogue while enjoying a good meal: eat slowly and don’t talk with food in your mouth. These tips will help keep the conversation flowing smoothly, and you’ll maintain better food digestion.

use of stairs

If you are in a public environment, something very simple that generates respect and helps maintain order in the transit of people, is place yourself to the right of a staircase, whether mechanical or not, to make way for those who want to climb quickly, for an emergency or speed of the moment.

Keep these basic and simple rules in mind out of respect for yourself and others. Following them will speak well of your way of being with the environment.

You can find more social etiquette tips on María José Arguedas’s Tik Tok and Instagram: @lifetime_partners


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