Five compact station wagons for all occasions

When it comes to the drive, the Focus now relies almost entirely on its petrol engine, which can be very economical when driving in a relaxed manner, but sometimes lacks a little sophistication. The diesel scores with good draft and low thirst.

Update at the Focus: The new infotainment is convincing.
Update at the Focus: The new infotainment is convincing. (Source: Ford)
  • trunk: 635 to 1,653 liters
  • Engines: mainly 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engines (100 hp to 155 hp), remainders of the 1.5-litre diesel with 120 hp
  • Price: from 24,800 euros

Opel Astra Sports Tourer

Sleek, modern bodywork, contemporary infotainment and electrified drives: you can tell that the Astra is one of the very new compact station wagons. A pure electric motor is missing, but a powerful plug-in hybrid is available. While the previous generations were a bit too heavy, unwieldy and sluggish, the new edition is much sportier and more agile.

The space available also benefits from the switch to the platform of the new parent company Stellantis. In return, the general price level has increased somewhat, also because the previous basic variants have no successors, at least for the time being.

20_Opel_517957.jpg (Source: Opel)
  • trunk: 608 to 1,634 liters
  • Engines: Plug-in hybrid with 180 hp, plus one diesel and two petrol engines
  • Price: from 26,650 euros

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

Toyota’s compact classic has been on the market again under its traditional Corolla name since 2019. It scores with its economical hybrid drive: The estate model is also available in two versions with 122 hp and 184 hp, which can easily be driven with 4 to 5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Above all, the more powerful variant combines efficiency with attractive driving performance. The pure petrol engines have been canceled for two years, there was never a diesel.

Away from the drive, the Japanese is also convincing, but the space in the rear and the luggage compartment suffer somewhat from the hybrid battery. An update is due in early 2023, which will include a modern infotainment system. However, the prices should then also rise.

A look into the Corolla charging compartment: Despite the additional battery, the trunk is large.
A look into the Corolla charging compartment: Despite the additional battery, the trunk is large. (Source: Toyota)
  • trunk: 581 to 1,591 liters
  • Engines: Hybrid with 122 and 184 hp
  • Price: from 28,750 euros

VW Golf Variant

Despite all the sales losses, the Golf is still the bestseller among compact station wagons. Even if two important virtues have been lost a little in terms of usability and material quality in the interior, what remains is the generous amount of space available in this class, the very mature and balanced handling and the wide range of drives. However, there is no plug-in hybrid. Another shortcoming: the self-confident price list. A well-configured model costs more than 30,000 euros.

  • trunk: 611 to 1,642 liters
  • Engines: Petrol and diesel, four-wheel drive, natural gas engines and also a 320 hp sports version
  • Price: from 29,000 euros

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