Five people lost their lives on the road over the weekend.

Tuesday June 21, 2022 | 8:33 a.m.

The fatal victims of the weekend are young and their names are added to a long and tragic list: Claudio Luis Schlender (18), Alejandro Márquez (21), Geremías Aranda (21), Daniel Márquez (23) and Luciano Gabriel Padilla ( 2. 3).

The last recorded case is that of Padilla, who died in the early hours of yesterday in Mojón Grande after the motorcycle he was traveling on, a Motomel Skua, was hit by a car whose driver fled and hid the vehicle. a few meters from the site. Hours later, the person involved turned himself in at the police station.

For reasons that are being established, minutes before 3 in the morning, the young man was hit on provincial route 209 by a Volkswagen Gol driven by a 33-year-old man who fled.

Padilla was heading in the San Javier-Mojón Grande direction while the Gol was going in the opposite direction and, as it was established, due to the impact, he died on the spot.

Police sources stated that the driver of the red Gol hid the car in a property about 200 meters from the scene of the incident.

The vehicle was found by police personnel who verified the identity of the owner who voluntarily appeared at police headquarters hours later.

Members of the local police station and the staff of the Scientific Police worked on the spot and carried out the required tests in addition to the police doctor and biochemist.

Meanwhile, the Five Investigating Court of Alem ordered the kidnapping of the shots, the arrest of the motorist and that the body be delivered to his relatives for the wake.

Antecedent and unknown

Prior to the accident that cost Padilla his life, another motorcyclist joined the tragic weekend but, in this case, the mystery continues and they have not yet found the person responsible for the tragic incident.

As this morning has been reporting, Claudio Luis Schlender (18) was found dead on Saturday morning at the entrance to El Alcázar on the side of Provincial Route 11, 20 kilometers from where his motorcycle was found, on the national route. 12 at the height of Garuhapé.

At first, the Garuhapé police station received notice that the driver of a Peugeot 308 collided with a motorcycle that was apparently in the middle of the asphalt strip on the national artery.

The investigations began in order to find the owner of the motorcycle of whom there were no traces. A few hours later, residents of El Alcázar denounced the discovery of a lifeless body lying on the side of the provincial artery.

The identity of the young man was verified who, according to the autopsy report, died of serious polytrauma and with signs of drag. Until the closing of this edition, the investigation continued in order to clarify the sinister road that cost Schlender his life.

A hypothesis taken into account by the investigations refers to the participation of a truck that moved the body and discarded it where it was finally found. Another alternative surrounds the possibility that the young man has missed or skidded and then dragged by a large vehicle.

A source with access to the file assured that it is possible that the body had been intentionally discarded since, in both cases, it is unlikely that the person did not realize that, on the 20-kilometre journey, he was dragging a body or carrying it. It was on the hood, as testified by a man who said he saw a truck drive by carrying a bundle on the front of the car that same morning.

fatal accidents

In addition to Schlender and Padilla, during the weekend, Alejandro Márquez (21), Geremías Aranda (21) and Daniel Márquez (23) lost their lives after two mistakes on mission routes.

Alejandro Márquez died around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday at Alba Posse after losing control of his motorcycle and falling down a 20-meter-high slope.

The young man was traveling on Provincial Route 2, in a Honda XR 250, in the Santa Rita-Colonia Aurora direction. At the height of El Cerro, he lost his way to the right shoulder and fell down the slope. According to police sources, he died on the spot due to multiple trauma caused by the impact.

On the other hand, Aranda and Daniel Márquez, bricklayer and public employee respectively, were identified in the early hours of yesterday after being transferred as NN after being extracted from a car that lost its way and fell into the Chirimay stream, in Apóstoles, on Sunday by the afternoon.

The victims were traveling in a hearse from which the driver, identified as Gustavo C. (40), managed to get out alive and stated that two companions were trapped inside.

The survivor, an employee of the funeral company, remains in custody because it was determined that he was in an advanced state of intoxication; the breathalyzer test yielded a positive result of 1.92 gl.

According to police sources, the driver of the Toyota Fielder was driving in the Apóstoles-Colonia Liebig direction until, for reasons that are the subject of investigation, he lost control of the vehicle, collided with the guardrail and then plunged into the Chimiray stream.

hit a pedestrian

In Monte Carlo, a driver hit a pedestrian with his car on Thursday night and fled but was delayed by police moments after the incident after voluntarily presenting himself at police headquarters.

The man driving a Peugeot 307 was arrested after being involved in a road accident, which occurred on Paraguay and Doctor Fester avenues in that city, when for reasons that are being established he rammed a pedestrian (38) leaving him with injuries and fled from the site .

The victim was transferred to the local hospital where the doctor diagnosed polytrauma, loss of dental pieces and that he was intoxicated. According to spokesmen, the man is already out of danger as long as he does not present any complications.

After turning himself in to police authorities, the driver was delayed and his vehicle was seized, as well as a breathalyzer test that produced a negative result.

According to the provisions of the intervening Court, the delayed party was notified in the investigation of the case and later regained his freedom.

In figures
It is the number of motorcyclists who lost their lives during the long weekend: Claudio L. Schlender (18), Luciano G. Padilla (22) and Alejandro Márquez (21)

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