Five tips to digitize your startup in a pandemic

The pandemic challenged micro, small and large companies to reinvent themselves and be increasingly competitive in the face of the new needs of a consumer immersed in the digital world. Faced with this situation, the technological tools allowed the entrepreneurs Get to know your customers better and get the most out of your business.

This is how we observe how the electronic commerce industry increased around 50% in the last year, in the country, according to the Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CAPECE). This shows that local businesses are increasingly immersed in the opportunity offered by the Internet, and therefore put to work and be more attractive to their customers.

That is why Tucambista, a technology company in currency exchange, offers five tips to entrepreneurs to successfully digitize:

1. Have a digital presence.

While it is true that having a website provides better brand exposure, it is not the only thing that should be worked on. Implementing a content strategy that includes, for example, a specialized blog and information for your brand’s social networks, prioritizing the one preferred by customers, will help generate traffic and engagement, if you provide them with data that interests them, is fun and innovative. with a language according to the target and that communicates your essence on each platform.

2. Optimize the sales process.

You can choose to incorporate within your digital sales channels a QR code that takes your customers directly to a WhatsApp, in which they can communicate to learn more about your products or services; and finally request your order. Make sure to save all your data to incorporate it into a customer database and offer them a good after-sales experience. Likewise, you must have a secure, fast and reliable payment platform in order for the sales process to be simple and successful.

3. Choose an online exchange house.

If you need to exchange currencies between your accounts, but you don’t have time to go to the bank, you can select an online exchange office, which allows you to carry out secure and agile transactions, such as Tucambista, which prioritizes personalized attention to customers. clients, offering them better exchange rates, entering their web portal from any mobile device or computer.

4. Choose the best technological tools.

It is essential to have solutions that allow to organize the operation, keep a control and inventory of products, and manage human talent. Relying on digital and collaborative tools to verify if any member of the team requires any type of advice or if they are meeting the objectives, will facilitate the increase in their performance, saving time and generating greater productivity.

5. Define the delivery process.

Use technology to your advantage to organize the orders you receive and define delivery dates for each of them. That way, you will have better internal control; and you will be able to communicate to your client in a timely manner how long it takes to deliver their order. You can choose a reliable transport service to optimize times; and always keep track of it.

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