Five were killed after the police’s first meeting with the perpetrator – the Bureau of Investigation does not start an investigation

The patrol that first arrived at the scene in Kongsberg had the first observation of the man at 18.18, only six minutes after the first report came in to the police. Then they see him again, but then a lot goes wrong.

– In another incident, they are shot with arrows and lose contact with the man, who escapes. He is seen in different places in the city, said police chief Ole Bredrup Sæverud in the South-East police district at a press conference in Tønsberg on Thursday morning.

This turned out to be fatal.

– From what we know now, it appears that someone, probably everyone, was killed after the police got in touch with the perpetrator for the first time, Sæverud said.

– Does not start investigation

At 18.47, the perpetrator had been arrested, but by then he had managed to kill four women and one man. Two more people are injured.

Nevertheless, the Bureau does not consider that this provides a basis for them to start investigating the work of the police.

– As of now, we have not found a basis for starting an investigation of the incident, says Alexander Fotland Iversen, prosecuting investigation leader in the Special Unit for Police Affairs to TV 2.

He continues:

– We will obtain further information and assess the situation on an ongoing basis. We do not send our own investigators to Kongsberg based on what we know now.

– The task of the special unit is to investigate cases where the police’s conduct leads to death or injury, says Iversen.

Evaluates continuously

– Here, all those killed have become victims after the police’s first confrontation. Then it is a question whether the police did enough to prevent death?

– Yes, but as the case stands now, we believe that this does not trigger an investigation on our part. We follow the case continuously, says Iversen.

– When it comes to warning shots that are not directly aimed at anyone, it is the chief of police who will assess the investigation of such incidents, but we also follow around this, concludes the head of investigation in the Bureau of Investigation.

– We received reports of concern related to radicalization

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