Fivefold for Mbappé, Paris joins OM – Debrief and NOTES of the players (Pays de Cassel 0-7 PSG)

Thanks to a quintupl from Kylian Mbapp, Paris Saint-Germain dictated its law to fans of Pays de Cassel (7-0) this Monday and will face Olympique de Marseille in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France!

Mbapp and Neymar made the show.

With an intractable Mbapp and author of a fivefold, Paris Saint-Germain held their rank by winning Pays de Cassel (7-0), team of Regional 1, this Monday during the last round of 32 of the Coupe de France. France.

Off topic for half an hour and then too strong, the capital club will therefore face Olympique de Marseille in the next round on February 7 or 8!

Paris misses its start

Drafts, the image of this recovery unusually missed by Mbapp in the middle of the box, imprecise and not aggressive enough: Christophe Galtier’s men did not put in sufficient ingredients at the start of the game, which had the gift of seriously annoying the Parisian coach . We were expecting the stars of PSG, but it was above all Baptiste Leclerc, radiant in the northern midfield, who delighted at the start of the meeting.

4 goals in 11 minutes, the shattering awakening of PSG

Well in place and without complexes, the 6th division club took the opportunity to gain confidence and achieve several good climbs. Sign that the leader of Ligue 1 was not well, Neymar lost his nerves and was warned after having chained two bad gestures in a few moments. But all it took was an acceleration from Mendes and a powerful and deflected recovery from Mbapp to unblock the situation (0-1, 29′). From then on, the amateurs were no longer there and suddenly collapsed. After serving Neymar for 2-0 (33rd), the Frenchman added two goals to his collection by scoring on a lob (0-3, 35th) then a dive (0-4, 40th).

Mbapp finishes 5

After this rout, Pays de Cassel tightened the screws and was a little better on returning from the locker room. This did not prevent Mbapp from driving the point home by taking advantage of a missed exit from Samson (0-5, 56th). If Soler went there after a good job from Neymar (0-6, 64th), it was Mbapp who once again attracted all the light and ended his evening with a quintupl (0-7, 79th).

The score of the match: 6/10

Amateurs who held the drage high for 30 minutes, a quintupl of Mbapp for his first as captain, the superb atmosphere of Bollaert who sang Les Corons. It was difficult to expect better from this poster which offered a pleasant spectacle despite the false start of PSG.

The goals :

– On the left side, Mendes overflows and crosses hard for Mbapp who puts his right foot in opposition and deceives Samson with the involuntary help of Thoor, who slightly deflects the ball (0-1, 29th).

– On a one-two, Mbapp manages to find Neymar at the far post by passing the ball past three players. The Brazilian chained the dribbles then punished Samson with a hard shot low to the ground (0-2, 33rd).

– On a long opening from Pereira, Mbapp is launched in the back of the defense and goes to beat Samson, advanced, with a perfectly executed lob (0-3, 35th).

– Served in the area by Vitinha, Mbapp anticipates the exit of Samson whom he beats with a small ball stung (0-4, 40th).

– On an opening from Neymar, Samson misses his exit and allows Mbapp to conclude alone against the empty goal (0-5, 56th).

– After a nice movement, Neymar has fun in the area and serves Soler. The Spaniard controls and scores with a backheel from close range (0-6, 64′).

– On the right, Soler carries out a worked center that the defense dangerously misses for Mbapp who shoots Samson at close range (0-7, 79th).


Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Kylian Mbapp (9/10)

Captain at kick-off for the first time, the striker took on his role by leading the way and opening the scoring when his team doubted. Well helped by the mistakes of the opposition, the Parisian did not let go of the slightest crumb afterwards, adding four more goals to finish with a quintupl! He also finds himself with the wand on Neymar’s goal. That said, due to the limited opposition and its mixed start to the match, with in particular a failed recovery, we will refrain from going any higher in the Habs’ rating…


To come: discover the notes and comments on the players of PARIS SG, updated in a few moments…

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PAYS DE CASSEL 0-7 PARIS SG (mid-time: 0-4) – FRANCE – French Cup / 16th
Stadium: – Referee:

Goals : – K. Mbapp (29th) Neymar (33rd) K. Mbapp (34th) K. Mbapp (40th) K. Mbapp (56th) C. Soler (64th) K. Mbapp (79th) for PARIS SG
Warnings : N. Bruneel (30th)for PAYS DE CASSEL – Neymar (26th)for PARIS SG

CASSEL COUNTRY : R.SamsonA.Zmijak, L.ThoorD. Santrain (C. Delcourt, 67th), C. RapailleBaptiste Leclerc, N. Bruneel (M. Valdher, 80th)C. BoudjemaK. San (K. Rudent, 55th), Clment Bogdanski (E. Djelema, 67th)Ayrance Leganase (R. Itoua, 55th)

PARIS-SG : K. NavasDanilo Pereira, Sergio Ramos (E. Bitshiabu, 67th)T. Pembele (A. Hakimi, 59th), N. Mendes (Juan Bernat, 46th)C. Soler, R. Sanches (Fabin Ruiz, 60th), Vitinha, NeymarH. Ekitike (I. Gharbi, 67th), K.Mbapp

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