Fivefold sales: Musk makes the Twitter world as he likes it

Elon Musk likes to name big numbers and dates, which then rarely occur in this form. His latest venture is no different. He will quintuple Twitter sales in the next few years and attract four times as many users to the platform as today.

Elon Musk is once again doing imaginative forecasting work

Whether SpaceX or Tesla: Elon Musk has achieved a lot with his company. But when it comes to forecasts of how long things will take, the company boss has earned his own mocking expression over the years: Elon time, i.e. Elon time, expresses the fact that Musk’s predictions are often miles off the mark. We would add another expression here: Elon money, because Musk also likes to lay it on thick when it comes to sales forecasts. Precisely in this regard, more than ambitious goals are now being announced around Twitter.
Infographic Before Musk Acquisition: Twitter Increases Revenue and ProfitsBefore Musk

According to New York Times In a new pitch deck aimed at investors, Elon Musk touts that he will increase Twitter’s profits fivefold in the next six years. Since the founding of Twitter, the company and its service have been considered notoriously difficult to monetize, but for Musk there is probably no reason to hold back. The feat should not succeed with traditional advertising formats either, Musk sees the great future much more in paying users.

Musk is therefore basing the great profit prospects on an almost meteoric increase in the number of users of the fee-based Twitter Blue Subscriptionswhich the soon-to-be owner envisions will bring in $10 billion a year in various forms by 2028 – that alone would be twice as much as the entire service is currently making.

User numbers out of control

In order for this forecast to work, Musk makes another bold assumption: If the service is currently used by 217 million people, he wants to quadruple this number to 931 million by 2028. How is this feat supposed to succeed? That remains Musk’s secret for now.
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