Fixed network & mobile communications: around 35 billion euros in sales with data services

Revenues in the industry for data services via fixed-line and mobile networks are expected to amount to around 35 billion euros in Germany this year. This is shown in the infographic based on an estimate from the Statista Technology Market Outlook. As the chart also shows, in the first year of the pandemic, fixed-line revenues grew faster than at other times and than in the mobile network. This is probably due to the large number of people who, due to the lockdowns, worked from home and via the Internet in company networks during this time. Data traffic from streaming providers is not included in the estimate.

The market for communications services includes all revenues paid by end customers and companies for transmission services directly to telecommunications providers, without taking VAT into account. These consist of revenues from fixed network and mobile communications services for data transmission and voice. Other sales, such as B. Revenues from leased lines between telecommunications providers or from hardware such as telephones, modems and smartphones are not included. World leaders in this industry include AT&T, China Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone Group, among others.

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