Flag Day was celebrated in Los Hornos

the tribute was made yesterday morning in 66 and 143 / cilho

Los Hornos commemorated Flag Day and honored the creator of the national emblem, Manuel Belgrano, with an act.

Organized by the Communications Commission of the Council of Institutions of the locality -CILHO- at the corner of streets 66 and 143, an act was held which was attended by neighbors, representatives of institutions and members of the entity.

Large participation

During the ceremony for the national date, the flag was raised accompanying the act with the verses of the national anthem and then with the allusive song, “Aurora”.

CILHO is made up of different institutions from Los Hornos, such as ACLHo, Círculo Campano, Conin La Plata, the Asociación Civil Corazones Amónicos y Solidarios, the NGO Con Votación Solidaria, the Lions Club, the Rotary Club Los Hornos, the Capital Chica clubs , Olimpia, Rural Community, Los Hornos Students, and Alumni, the Estrella del Sur, Los Hornos and 25 de Mayo development centers and the 19 de Noviembre club.

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