Flavia Laos gets a contraceptive with an exchange and ‘Peluchín’ is outraged: “What a lack of modesty, everything wants to save”

HE GIVES HIM WITH A STICK. Flavia Laos resorted to the famous exchanges to get a contraceptive method that prevents you from getting pregnant. The model showed in pictures how they put the hormonal IUD on her, so the drivers of ‘Amor y Fuego’, Teddy and Gigi Miterthey were outraged in the middle of the LIVE program.

Gigi Miter considered it unpleasant to have to show this procedure on social networks when it is something very intimate. She even questioned Flavia Laos because she is a person who could easily afford it.

“The thing about the ovules is something else, all good because it is very expensive, but that you show the treatment, that they are manipulating there, stop,” said Gigi Miter.

For his part, Rodrigo González asked the Austin Palao couple to have a little more modesty to show that kind of thing on their platforms.

“. That you let yourself strike out like this with your legs open. What shamelessness! A little more modesty, please”

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