Flight attendant reveals: You should never wear these items of clothing on a plane

  • What do you draw in airplane best at?
  • For what reason tight clothes can lead
  • Is too tight clothes harmful?
  • What can you do on the pitch to thrombosis to avoid?

During the corona pandemic we couldn’t travel for a long time. Whether Mallorca, Turkey or overseas: The travel is in full swing again, ergo in flight. According to opinion poll from HanseMerkur is the wanderlust of the Germans after the dry spell greater than ever before. 82 percent indicated that this year they were finally correct again Vacation to want to do. After choosing the destination and the booking For many, the question arises: What do I wear during the flight? Why these consideration is entitled, explained one flight attendant to the British fashion magazine “Who What Wear”. Comfort, practicality and the Health.

This is what you should wear during the flight and you shouldn’t wear this

the Flight attendant Andrea Fischbachwho takes to the air with American Airlines, advises going ahead with clothing that not constricted. “One should make oneself as comfortable as possible, um cramps and swelling to avoid,” Fischbach said magazine.

Clothing that is too tight can cause stomach swelling come. A feeling of fullness is even a big one for flight attendants problem, Fischbach knows. She advises bringing an item of clothing – pants or a skirt – with you rubber band to wear. leather pants for example, she does not recommend.

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Flight attendant names trick against thrombosis

Is more dangerous than an upset stomach thrombosis. Sitting for a long time can blood clot form in the veins.

Fischbach therefore advises sitting on the seat to move a little. Especially for tall people who fly a lot or for a long time Danger increased by a thrombosis, the flight attendant knows.

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