Flights France – Algeria: the surge in prices persists in December

Since the partial reopening of air borders announced by the Algerian authorities on June 1, the joy of this recovery has been stifled by the high price of tickets, whether with so-called classic companies or with low-cost airlines, the prices of tickets is an angry subject.

These prices are excessively expensive, especially to and from France, which for Algerians remains a very popular destination whether for study, work or even for a tourist trip.

The improvement and change in this situation will not be for soon, between the significant increase in cases of Covid-19 contamination in France which will not allow the increase in the number of flights or the price of oil which has increased, no reduction planned.

The high ticket prices persist

For the month of December, prices remain expensive even with low-cost companies, especially for the Paris – Algiers line, like Transavia with tickets from 590 euros more expensive than Air France which offers tickets at from 570 euros, the same for ASL Airlines, a one-way ticket from 559 euros. Exorbitant prices with all airlines for this line while others pay less than 100 euros for a return trip.

It should be noted that from France, the prices are not as expensive for other countries including neighboring countries like Tunisia, which prompts us to wonder, why this line knows the most expensive tickets?

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