Flights to Algeria: Air France unveils its winter 2022-2023 program

The national airline company was entitled to the reinforcement of its program, at the end of last August. In accordance with the principle of reciprocity, other foreign air carriers will also benefit from an increase in the number of their flights.

In addition, according to La tribune, the limitations of air traffic rights may end in the coming weeks. As a reminder, Algeria remains one of the last countries in the Mediterranean basin to keep fairly strong restrictions, analyzes the deputy general manager of Transavia, in a statement to the same source.

In another wake and with the end of the summer season, foreign airlines rushed to announce their fall schedule, but also winter. Thus offering a wide choice for Algerian travelers who wish to visit the national territory in the months to come.

Its air carriers include ASL Airlines, Transavia, but also Air France.

Traveling to Algeria: Air France unveils its winter program

On this Tuesday, September 20, Air France unveils its program for the 2022/2023 winter season. Indeed, unveiled on its booking site, includes a total of 171 destinations to several countries, including 85 short and medium haul and 86 long haul (To North America and Africa).

Among these destinations, of course, is Algeria. Failing to obtain the necessary authorizations to strengthen its program to national territory, Air France contented itself with extending its summer routes, this is what emerges from its press release, published on its official website.

It is a question of the lines between Toulouse – Algiers, Toulouse – Oran and Marseille – Algiers. Furthermore, this new program remains subject to any changes. Moreover, with regard to the prices of these lines, they follow the same trend as those of the national airline. However, Air France, offers some dates, on its program, to allow Algerian travelers to travel to the national territory at a lower cost.

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