Flights to Algeria: when “low-cost” sells for business prices

The increase in flights and the launch of new lines is always good news for travelers, especially in relation to prices which could see a reduction. This is not necessarily the case, even with Volotea.

The low-cost company Volotea today announced the new lines never served before to Algeria, the line Marseille – Oran and Bordeaux – Algiers. These flights will be operated from December 16, tickets are available at prices, unsurprisingly, exorbitant.

When you go to the Volotea site, a one-way ticket for the Bordeaux – Algiers line for the date of December 23 is 716 euros. As for the Marseille – Oran line, still for next December, one-way tickets are also available at 716 euros on the 16th, 18th, 23rd and 25th of the same month.

A pecuniary oxymoron

Volotea, the low-cost company which is creating a huge buzz abroad for these 100,000 plane tickets at 1 euro for the months of December and January on the occasion of Black Friday, will operate flights to Algeria at hundreds of euros. Confirming the particular high cost and misunderstood of flights between France and Algeria which spread to all conventional or low-cost airlines.

The month of December will see only burning prices for flights between France and Algeria; 590 euros at Transavia, 570 euros at Air France, 559 euros at ASL Airlines and the icing on the cake, 716 euros at Volotea.

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