& quot; Flockdown & quot ;: The first snowflakes have fallen

Finally: The first snowflakes have fallen.

Onset of winter in Vorarlberg: On Friday morning, the area was already slightly sugary in places.

Ms. Holle was already busy in the early hours of the morning: The first snowflakes had fallen in Vorarlberg. The weather forecasts for the coming days show that winter is now arriving with snowfall and sleet down to the lowlands all over Austria. According to the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG), there is also a risk of black ice. The expressway operator Asfinag appealed to road users to only use winter equipment.



In large parts of the country, according to ZAMG, a multi-layered cloud cover of an Adriatic low characterizes the weather on Friday. In addition, there is initially mainly in the south, but soon in the entire eastern half of moderate to heavy precipitation, often in the form of snow down to deeper or very deep areas.



In the morning the temperatures are minus three to plus three degrees, during the day a maximum of minus one to plus five degrees.



This is how the weather will be today:


The weekend preview:


Many clouds cloud the sky in most parts of the country on Saturday. Sunny gaps in the clouds are most likely along the north side of the Alps between Lake Constance and the Mostviertel. On the other hand, the south and south-west are particularly susceptible to precipitation, and in the evening also Vorarlberg and North Tyrol.

A low pressure system moves eastward in the first half of the day on Sunday, so that the eastern Alpine region on its rear side again enters a gush of cold air from the north-west. Snowfall and sleet temporarily disappear everywhere in the morning and the sun comes out.

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