Floppy disk dealer: My biggest customer is the aviation industry

Anyone who still trades in floppy disks today is by no means just serving a few enthusiasts who like to work with retro computers. Rather, the most reliable customer is the aviation industry.

“My biggest customers – and where most of my money comes from – are the industrial users,” said Tom Persky, founder of Floppydisk.com, one of the last major players in storage media. “Probably half of today’s aircraft fleet is more than 20 years old and still uses floppy disks in some of the avionics equipment. This is a huge customer,” he continued, according to a report in the magazine Business Insider out.

Persky likes to describe itself as “the last man in the disk business,” though it’s not necessarily the only vendor left. However, he undoubtedly operates the largest trading platform that has specialized primarily in these storage media. And his insight into the remaining users is correspondingly good.

medicine and industry

And this is greater than most people interested in technology would believe based on their everyday experiences. There are also hobbyists who “buy 10, 20 or maybe 50 disks”. But he does the actual business with business customers. In addition to the aviation industry, it is also the medical sector that requires larger quantities of diskettes.

But there is also a notable need in industry, since numerous machines that work with floppy disks are also in use there. This is hardly surprising either. “Imagine it’s 1990 and you’re building a big industrial machine of some kind. You’re designing it to last 50 years and you want to use the best technology available,” explained Persky. Then, of course, a floppy disk drive was installed.

While the floppy disk was almost forgotten by many users, the focus of the international press was once again on the storage medium when the Japanese Minister for Digital Affairs, Taro Kono, declared that he finally wanted to get rid of it. Because in hundreds of administrative files in the country you can’t do without such media to this day.

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