Florcita Polo is indignant LIVE with Thaís Casalino for insistent questions about Néstor Villanueva

UPSET. This is how it was shown little flower pole this Friday during a live link with Mujeres al Mando. And it is that the host of the Latina program, Thais Casalino, asked her insistent questions about her controversial relationship with Néstor Villanueva, after revealing a few weeks ago that they are going through a marital crisis.

“I’m not going to talk about my private life, I’m going to talk about what I’m doing today… we’re in a stage of parents”, Susy Diaz’s daughter said. “But do you talk to him?” asked the presenter of MAM. “Of course, of course, I talk to him so he can tell me how my children are,” she replied uncomfortably.

Thais Casalino She was not calm and asked if they were still living together, unleashing her discomfort even more. “I prefer not to give details, I think it’s my private life and what happens stays between us”Flor Polo said.

However, the host of Mujeres al Mando was not silent and justified her questions. “I ask you with all my love… there is so much speculation and there are so many headlines and so much is said about your relationship with him that it seems important to me to have a space so that you can clarify why, finally, if they do not speak, it lends itself to speculation and many things are said. So that’s why my question was nothing more, “ defended himself.

“I understand your question but I think that right now what matters to people is to know what Florcita is doing today… she continues to work, she continues to get ahead, she is with her dresses and that is the important thing, what people have what to see I keep my private life on the sidelines and I prefer not to comment on it and I think that if I haven’t done it before, when the problems happened, I won’t do it now, I don’t want to touch the subject”, Florcita Polo asserted.

In that sense, she assured that she is dedicated to her work and to her two little ones. “The only thing they are going to hear from me is that I keep getting ahead, that I keep working for my children”, narrowed down

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