Florcita Polo surprised with the reconciliation of Susy Díaz and Walter Obregón: “I hope he takes care of her”

Florcita Polo He visited the “America Hoy” program this Wednesday and was surprised to reveal that he did not know about the reconciliation between Susy Díaz and Walter Obregón. The daughter of the former congresswoman indicated that she found out about the event on TV.

“Actually, I was surprised, I didn’t know what had happened. I was not aware. I knew they were going to travel, but I did not know that they had resumed the relationship “, commented at the beginning Polo.

After that, Flor Polo issued a warning to the businessman. “I hope that Mr. Walter takes good care of my mother, respects her a lot, gives her a lot of affection, a lot of respect. But hey, hey, I’m seeing everything “, emphasized.

Finally, Florcita did not hesitate to wish the couple the best. “My mother knows that I am happy if she is happy. I have spoken with him and I have told him that he loves my mother, that I respect her a lot because here is her daughter taking care of her, she is going to jump and defend her as my mother would also. I was behind my mother for a long time, I brought her flowers, everything ”, added.

Walter and Susy are in Spain enjoying their love, so they made it known last Tuesday in a live link with the program hosted by Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza.

“Of course we are, here we are. Despite all the things that have happened, like any couple, it has its ups and downs, if we moved away it was because of our work, business and that’s it “, Walter said when asked if he resumed his relationship with Díaz.

Flower on Susy Diaz’s boyfriend

Susy Díaz and Florcita Polo broke down in a phone call.  (America Today)
Susy Díaz and Florcita Polo broke down in a phone call. null

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