Florcita Polo’s harsh confession: “I’m very afraid of Néstor Villanueva”

Florcita Polo gave an extensive interview to Magaly Medina about the episodes that Néstor Villanueva lived alongside. “Me I am very afraid of that man, I am very afraid of him, and of so many things that have happened”he stated.

Susy Diaz’s daughter he recalled that every time Villanueva gets to see his son he trembles. “With the way he behaves sometimes he scares me, every time he gets to see my son, he trembles and even I also tremble because of so many things we’ve been through”stated little flower

In the interview, he threw out of the apartment they bought with the money from the inheritance that his father left him. “He told me to lend him the money, he never returned it to me. That house was supposedly for us to live there; but it was with the money that my father left me and until now he has not returned it to me ”, he added.

In another of the harsh revelations that Florcita Polo revealed in the interview, she narrated that “it was her own son” who asked her to divorce her father, due to abuse.


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