Florence Foresti announces her next show "boys boys boys"

The comedian strips naked to announce on Instagram his next show entitled “Boys Boys Boys”, at the end of 2022 at the Marigny theater in Paris, then on tour throughout France.

Is this an allusion to the famous tube of the 1980s? Florence Foresti’s next show will be called “Boys Boys Boys”, like Sabrina’s song.

The comedian has just announced it on Instagram, with a very Marylin Monroe photo, in which she poses twisted in sheets, her hair in a crown on the pillow and her breasts hidden by the title of the show.

No “After Show”

Florence Foresti will perform from September 28 to December 31, 2022 on the stage of the Marigny theater in Paris. This series of dates will be followed by a tour throughout France in 2023.

Her show, “Le Spectacle d’après”, the title of which alludes to the famous “world after”, the post-pandemic world, was to be played at the end of 2020, as she had then announced on social networks.

The one who liked to imagine her own funeral, at the end of her previous show, “Florence Foresti: Epilogue”, had anticipated the end of the pandemic a little too much. “Like you, I want to restart on new bases, unmasked, decontaminated, deconfined, liberated, delivered”, she dreamed then. However, the evolution of the pandemic forced her to cancel this show.

“I thought we would already be ‘after’ and we are still ‘during'”, she explained, saying to herself “sad and sorry to have to cancel this show to come back with better days”.

Those days have arrived, and Florence Foresti is finally back.

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