Florencia Arietto, the queen of fake news, did it again and this time she messed with Hebe

Florencia Arietto seems to enjoy making a fool of herself online or perhaps she is competing for a new record for publishing and spreading lies.

This time, Patricia Bullrich’s collaborator believed in a rather implausible image that showed the supposed coffin of Hebe de Bonafini in a mausoleum and escorted by a military guard.

It is strange that a person who is supposed to be a security expert does not recognize the differences, but Arietto was outraged with the Grenadiers, whom he even ecstatic, when what is seen in the retouched photo are Patricios and not Grenadiers.

Faced with the barrage of denials, Arietto decided to delete her tweet and try to justify herself by assuring that she was deceived by retweeting what the deception was.

Tweet from Daniel Stella

The photo was from the day the body of Juan Manuel Fangio was transferred to the museum that bears his name, but Arietto did not check.

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