Florencia Peña decided to respond to Jorge Lanata’s criticism with a song

Jorge Lanata does not like Florencia Peña very much and it is not because of her performance or her leadership but because of her political ideas.

That is why he dedicated so much time of his program to defenestrate the new set of América TV along with his side Marina Calabró.

Florencia Peña, far from being outraged, mocked the journalist by dedicating a ballad to him that only uses the letter A.

But also in the debate within the Flor program, he emphasized the scam that Jorge Lanata did when he went on stage to do a kind of political standup that luckily did not last long on the bill. The host made a difference and that is that her program is free and if you don’t like it you can always choose another option, while Lanata’s antics in theater had to pay a ticket and obviously stay until the end.

Miss Bimbo took the opportunity to thank Jorge for the fat job quota with a tie on television.

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