Florent Pagny photographed by his daughter, she sends him a touching message

Several months ago, Florent Pagny began treatment to get rid of his lung cancer. His daughter sends him a few words on Instagram.

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Last January, when Florent Pagny thought of going on tour across the country, the singer announced to his fans that he will not be able to meet them. Touched by a “cancerous tumor in the lung” not operable, he had to start a very heavy treatment based on chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After several weeks of absence on social networks, the 60-year-old singer reappeared on Instagram to give some news. “I only have one chemo left, I can tell you that I’m doing very well. You see that I changed my look but it’s the treatment that wants it (…) The protocol worked rather well since from the first chemos, my tumor – which was as big as a kiwi – turned into a nut“, he confided in front of the camera.

Florent Pagny thinks about the future and wants “enjoying life and loved ones

In early March, Florent Pagny was present on France 2 to participate in a charity concert to help Ukraine. The singer appeared with a shaved head. And for a few weeks on TF1, he is also present in The Voice with his new look. “At one point, events rushed and I told myself that I was going to shorten their suffering (to his hair, editor’s note). These chemos, it’s a little hair loss but it’s okay, it does not prevent us from staying in shape and looking good“, he explained to Nikos Aliagas at the start of the filming of Super Cross Battles. And with the treatment going very well, Florent Pagny continues to think about his future. I will enjoy life, of my loved ones close to nature and it is a chance“, he confided to Nikos Aliagas for Gala.

His daughter Aël shares a rare photo of the singer

Since 1993, Florent Pagny has lived with Azucena Caamaño, a former Argentinian model whom he married in 2006. Together, they had two children including Ael who is now 23 years old. This Thursday, May 12 on Instagram, she published a snapshot (to discover HERE) of his father, cane in hand, who has his eyes riveted on the open sea from Mont Saint-Michel. The boss, she wrote in the caption to support it. A sober message from the young photographer who has been there for her father every day since the start of his treatment.

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