Florent Pagny speaks about his lung cancer and reassures his fans

The star singer of The Voice, Florent Pagny, announced in January that he had lung cancer. A very serious illness, which left the fans in shock. But a change of look later, he looks back on his fight against the disease, and wants to reassure.

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Since last January, Florent Pagny fans have been at half mast. The reason ? The singer to whom we owe hits like Chatelet les Halles and My freedom of thought announced that he had lung cancer. A serious illness that he takes very seriously as he announced at the time. Since then, the one we will find in the live broadcasts of The Voice very soon gives regular news, and seeks to reassure. And if we have recently been surprised by the new look of the singer, who now has shaved hair and beard, Florent Pagny must indeed face chemotherapy sessions allowing him to fight against the disease. A look that he assumes and which he is delighted with: he is not her first hair madness.

From kiwi to hazelnut

The first good news is that singer responds well to treatment. Chemotherapy, he says, reduced the size of the tumor “from the size of a good kiwi, I went to a hazelnut”, he explains in a live Instagram broadcast earlier this week. But it is in an interview granted to Gala that Florent Pagny confides more about his personal life in the face of illness: “I tried not to ask myself too many questions because the answers can destroy you”he admits, “nor can you let yourself slide into sadness or anguish that you cannot control”. He goes further and explains that this cancer kinda woke me upand he redefined the meaning of my priorities”. And these priorities are now his family: “We don’t want to get caught up in the drama. At home, we say to ourselves that there will always be solutions because there is a problem”he thinks mischievously.

Florent Pagny wants to “take advantage of his loved ones”

In his interview with Nikos Aliagas for GalaFlorent Pagny even reveals that cancer has “clarified (his) future”. It is after his sixth chemotherapy that he counts “get back together”. “I’m going to enjoy life, my loved ones close to nature and it’s a chance.” And that the fans are reassured as to the follow-up that the singer will give to his career! Besides its presence in The Voice for a few more weeks, he intends to continue to give voice : “As long as my voice is there, I’m here!”he blurts out.

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