Florian Silbereisen loses quota duel: ZDF dream ship against “Tatort” without a chance

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The dream ship - Bahamas
Florian Silbereisen was only able to shine to a limited extent as the “dream ship” captain Max Parger in the additional episode – more people switched on the Dresden crime scene in the first. (Photomontage) © ZDF/Dirk Bartling & MDR/MadeFor/Marcus Glahn

Florian Silbereisen has to take another defeat in the quota duel – the “dream ship” had no chance against the quota hit “Tatort” on Sunday.

Mainz – The ZDF surprised with the announcement that the “Dream Ship” in the last third of the year will not only set sail for the annual public holidays, but also again in November. This means that four episodes of the cruise series will be running for the first time this year – traditionally there will be an Easter, Christmas and New Year’s episode. The announced November episode aired last weekend. For Captain Max Parger, alias Florian Silbereisen (41), the “Dream Ship” trip went to Lapland. However, that wasn’t as interesting as what happened in Dresden, as it turned out.

We are talking about the Dresden “crime scene”, which was to be followed at the same time in the first – so it was the prime time duel of the public broadcasters. And Florian Silbereisen also had to lose out in this quota fight after the showmaster with his show “Schlager oder N!xxx” had already been defeated on the same weekend against TV icon Thomas Gottschalk (72) and “Wetten, dass ..?” had to.

“The dream ship: Lapland”: Pekka Nilson (Maria Höfl-Riesch, right) instructs Max Parger (Florian Silbereisen, 2nd from right), Patrick Steiner (Daniel Fritz, left) and Mike Bergmann (Tayfun Baydar, 2nd from left) to drive dog sleds. © ZDF / Dirk Bartling

“Tatort” grants excellent ratings and lets the “dream ship” sink

Max Parger and his crew actually didn’t stand a chance against the “cat and mouse” episode of the Sunday thriller. The “crime scene” is and remains a safe bet for the first episode and the broadcaster was able to rely on his hobbyhorse for this episode as well. 9.25 million people tuned in at prime time, which results in a market share of an impressive 29.8 percent. The younger target group aged 14-49 also ensured a solid number of viewers – 1.96 million and 25.4 percent market share.

Excellent numbers, which the first was able to concede – but ZDF can also look forward to solid ratings despite the defeat. The “Traumschiff” trip to Lapland had to admit defeat, but still attracted 6.14 million viewers. ZDF had a market share of 19.8 percent and in the younger target group 1.0 million interested parties tuned in and thus achieved a share of 13.1 percent in the relevant market.

Despite the ratings defeat, the “dream ship” is and will remain a ratings hit for the broadcaster and seems to want to stick with its new four-way concept. For the coming year, ZDF is also promising four episodes.

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