Florian Silbereisen versus Günther Jauch: Two TV giants in “2021 – The Quiz”

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From: Chiara Kaldenbach

Günther Jauch and Florian Silbereisen compete against each other in “2021 – The Quiz” © Soeren Stache / dpa, Jan Woitas / dpa

Günther Jauch versus Florian Silbereisen: The hit presenter will take on the quiz master in December 2021. The two TV stars will meet at “2021 – The Quiz”.

Cologne – Florian Silbereisen is considered the hit master badly. Now the moderator is obviously looking for a new challenge. The ex of Schlagerqueen Helene Fischer challenged none other than the quiz master of German television: Günther Jauch! The TV giants compete against each other in “2021 – The Quiz” in December.

If there is one thing Florian Silbereisen can do well, it must be Schlager! The 40-year-old is probably the most popular and successful hit presenter on German TV. Competitor? Hardly exist for him. Just as little as for Günther Jauch, who has been considered a quiz master for years. For 21 years he has stood for the RTL quiz show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and has reached an audience of millions to this day. Extratipp.com * from IPPEN.MEDIA reports *.

Schlager: Florian Silbereisen competes against Günther Jauch

Florian Silbereisen turns 40
Florian Silbereisen accepts a new challenge. He will compete against Günther Jauch in “2021 – The Quiz” in December 2021. © Britta Pedersen, dpa

Now the hit and quiz master actually meet. In Frank Plasberg’s quiz, Jauch and Silbereisen will compete against each other in December 2021. The “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” star initially seems to have a clear advantage. After all, it has not only been tried and tested through all the quiz shows, but is also taking part in the annual quiz for the 14th time. Flori, on the other hand, has little quiz experience in comparison.

Günther Jauch and Barbara Schöneberger are concentrating on looking in the same direction
Günther Jauch and Barbara Schöneberger already know the annual quiz. Jauch has been to Frank Plasberg’s show 13 times and Schöneberger 9 times. © Henning Kaiser, dpa

Whether Flori has a chance against Jauch will be shown in December 2021. But whether victory or defeat, one thing is certain: Both Jauch and Silbereisen will certainly present an entertaining show. Also on the guest list are actor Jan Josef Liefers and presenter Barbara Schöneberger. * extratipp.com is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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