Floricienta Who is and what is the origin of yellow flowers?

Floricienta became a trend on TikTok, after her unexpected reappearance on stage to feed the nostalgia of some people who remember her fondly.

You have to remember that Floricienta is an Argentine soap opera of 2 seasons produced RGB Entertainment and broadcast on Channel 13 (or on the Disney Channel for some Latin American countries) from March 2004 to December 2005.

If we remember, the version of Floricienta (Florencia Bertotti in Argentina) in Mexico was “Lola: Érase una vez” with the Mexican actress Eiza González.

What was Floricienta’s story?

What was Floricienta's story?

What was Floricienta’s story?

It turns out that Floricienta told the story of Florencia “Flor” Fazzarino Valente, a young woman who starts working as a nanny in the Fritzenwalden house.

There, Florencia will meet and fall in love with Federico, the eldest son of the family, who returns from his stay in Germany to take care of his brothers after the death of his parents.

The character of Florencia in Floricienta was played by Argentine actress Florencia Bertotti, who won the affection of viewers with this role that would mark her forever.

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What is the origin of yellow flowers?

Floricienta has become relevant again for her song “Yellow Flowers”. This theme, which is now circulating on TikTok, is the origin of a trend that Internet users use to conquer their crushes.

This trend invites people to give yellow flowers next Wednesday, September 21, so that their loved one will stay with them forever.

Floricienta’s hit “Yellow Flowers” has also become relevant in networks for the upcoming celebration of spring in Argentina that begins on Thursday, September 22 and ends on December 21.

It should be noted that in the story of the Floricienta novel, yellow flowers were a symbolic element in the relationship between Florencia and Federico, who had to fight for their love.

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