Florie Galli (XXL Families): "first general anesthesia" after a finger fracture for his son Arthur

This Wednesday evening, Florie Galli returned to the passage to the block of her son Arthur. Yesterday, the boy appeared on TF1 with his siblings in Large families: life in XXL broke a finger.

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The week did not start auspiciously for the Galli family. This Tuesday, November 22, Floriethe mother of five children, ended up in the emergency room. The eldest of the siblings, passed in Large families: life in XXL on TF1, suffered a fracture with deviation, indicates the diagnosis made by a doctor and then revealed by the thirties. “He did stupid things. He bumped, he played with his friends“, said the 39-year-old mother of her son’s hand. “Anguish“By his passage to the block, Arthur, 11 years old, made violence on his way to the hospital this morning.

First general anesthesia!

Back at her home, the Monegasque took stock of her “busy day“in the caption of an Instagram photo where we distinguish her with her big boy in her arms:”Today was a first for Arthur, first general anesthesia for a bad fracture in the finger of the hand. I take it with humor, because there are, of course, much more serious things, but these first times for a child are always something“, considers the ex-participant of the docu-reality, who was able to follow him to the entrance of the block. She ends her mini summary by giving reassuring news from the schoolboy. “Everything is fine and now I think games with friends may be a little less violent for a while. Arthur and I thank you for your kindness and your messages“, addresses the companion of Bastien Galli. The latter even has the right to his “small dedication“, he who “handled Wednesday like a pro“by keeping Paul and the famous triplets.

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An (almost) brand new cast

At the dawn of the new season of the program launched next Monday, the private channel has sorted out among the very large number of tribes who leave and then return to the show. We already know that six stayed, three are making a comeback, and six new ones will share their daily life on the front page. The Galli are among the great absentees.

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