Foaly does not apologize and continues lawsuit with ‘Simi Foaly’

Guadalajara.- Alejandro Fernández, through his lawyers, refused to offer a public apology to the imitator Hugo Emmanuel Mercado López, artistically known as “Simi Potrillo” and made it clear that he will continue with his complaint before the National Institute of Copyright (Indauthor). ), entity in charge of protecting copyright.

Fernández and Mercado López were summoned yesterday to an agreement appointment at the Alternative Justice Institute (IJA) here in Jalisco, an instance to which the imitator resorted after the action carried out by the son of the deceased “Charro de Huentitán” in 2020 so that stop using the “Simi Potrillo” as a nickname.

According to Mercado López, his name and reputation were affected by the behavior of the famous, because, he considers, it makes him look like a criminal when his brand “Simi Porrillo” was authorized and registered by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) and for this he requested a public apology.

“Yesterday no agreement was reached. They were very decisive (Alejandro Fernández’s lawyers) in that there is no agreement, that they will continue according to their right before Indautor and well, then, I will also continue according to my right in the IMPI.

“I was not alleging the name of the brand, I am alleging the damage to my person, but they are with the issue of copyright and the character, when I do not mess with his character, he did mess with my brand that It is registered. He made me look like a criminal and did not measure consequences, effects on my family and my work. “

According to Hugo Emmanuel Mercado López, a few weeks ago he met with the legal representative of Alejandro Fernández at the IJA, who asked for time to talk with the interpreter of “Caballero” and “Se me va la Voz” to ask him what was asked him, but yesterday the deadline was met and his response was blunt.

“If he is going to go to Indautor with everything, I am going to the IMPI, no way, it will be, he created, a very long process. I was not interested in fighting, that’s why I resorted to alternative justice here in Guadalajara, where we both have our addresses, but it seems that he wants something else.

“He did not even attend, he sent lawyers, legal representatives, when the idea in the IJA was that the interested parties come for an agreement and that’s it, but it will be as he wants. It is not fair that people like him with power, yes, believe that ordinary people are not going to defend themselves,” added the actor.

Hugo Emmanuel Mercado the “Simi Potrillo” announced that his next step will be to get advice to carry out his process.

How it all started?

In February 2019, with the argument of protecting his brand, Alejandro Fernández, through his lawyers, prevented the “Simi Potrillo” from being presented at a restaurant in Jalisco.

At the beginning of 2020, the lawsuit filed by Alejandro Fernández against Hugo Emmanuel Mercado López “Simi Potrillo” was announced before the National Institute of Copyright (Indautor), in Mexico City, an entity in charge of protecting copyright.

Faced with the legal accusation, the imitator was summoned to Indautor on January 30, then another appointment was scheduled for the month of March, but this was postponed to March 2021 due to the pandemic.

After this call, according to the imitator, Fernández put everything on hold, and for this reason he made the decision to continue the process in Jalisco through the IJA.

Who is Simi Foaly?

Hugo Emmanuel Mercado López is a native of the municipality of Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.

The imitator participated in 2011 in the first edition of the television program Parodiando.

From there he is known as the “Simi Foaly”.

In addition to imitating Alejandro Fernández, he plays figures such as Juan Gabriel, Joan Sebastian and Valentín Elizalde, although he stood out in the reality show with the character of “El Potrillo”.

After the warning he received in 2019 from Fernández’s lawyers, the imitator registered “Simi Potrillo” as his trademark, which was authorized by the IMPI.

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