Fog and cold: this will be the weekend in the city

The La Plata meteorological service announced that for this weekend the cold will continue to be the protagonist and that there are also possibilities of morning fog for this Saturday. The sky will be partially cloudy, with light winds that will change from the northeast sector to the east. The minimum will be 6 degrees and the maximum 15.

Regarding Sunday, the trend will continue with similar characteristics, where there will be some clouds in the sky and moderate winds from the northeast sector. For its part, the temperature will continue to be low with a minimum of 7º and a maximum of 13º.

With regard to the beginning of the week, there may be some weak precipitation on Monday during the afternoon-night, while the cloud cover will be variable. There will be moderate winds from the southwest, while it will be cold: a minimum of 6 degrees and a maximum of 14.

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