“Folklore”: an interview with Lloris on homophobia stifled by the FFF

She would have been buried by the French Football Federation (FFF). In an interview conducted as part of an anti-homophobia clip, the goalkeeper and captain of the Blues, Hugo Lloris, recognizes that homosexuality in football is ” a taboo topic “. But, as the media reveals Stop on Images (ASI), he goes on to explain that homophobic insults are part of “folklore in football” :

“When you’re on the pitch, it’s part of the decor, the fans who are sleeping, you can be insulted. In a pinch, we can use it as additional motivation in adversity, we want to do battle on the ground. »

If the captain of the France team explains “to be against all forms of discrimination”the FFF decided not to broadcast the video, in the face of fears of controversy. “Frankly, I think the FFF never really wanted to broadcast this clip…”assures ASI the former player, who carried out the interview, Yoann Lemaire, adding that, during the interview, Hugo Lloris was “next to the mark”.

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“It’s still quite rare to get three players from the France team to talk about homophobia and homosexuality in sport. The FFF had taken a first step then behind they act as if it had never happened. What’s the meaning of all this? »questions for his part the journalist co-producer Bertrand Lambert, president of PanamBoyz & Girlz United, a 100% inclusive football club fighting against homophobia.

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No “One Love” armband

Tuesday, November 15, before the start of the World Cup, the captain of the France team had confirmed that he would not wear the rainbow armband “One Love”, a symbol of protest against human rights violations. man in Qatar.

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The day before, at a press conference, he had said he wanted “show respect” in the host country, target of criticism from NGOs on the management of human rights and minorities.

“When we welcome foreigners to France, we often want them to comply with our rules and respect our culture. I will do the same when I go to Qatar”he said, remarks echoing those of the president of the FFF, Noël Le Graët, who was not very favorable to the initiative.

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