Followers’ great support – after Dominika’s first words about the divorce

The followers’ support was overwhelming.

It was on Wednesday night that Dominika Peczynski gave the message via her Facebook that her four-year marriage to Anders Borg is over. In an earlier interview with Svensk damtidning, Dominika told about the decision to sell her luxury apartment on Östermalm.

– We have four out of five out-of-town children studying in different places around Sweden, so we are only three people left here at home. Me, Anders and ten year old Harry. When we moved in, everyone lived at home and then the space was needed. Now we have too many bedrooms that are empty, she told Svensk damtidning in early May.

Their story began in 2014 when Army of Lovers artist and PR consultant Dominika Peczynski wrote a debate article for SVT Opinion. An article that was shared 21,000 times on Facebook and which received a lot of attention. Anders Borg answered and a contact was established. In 2018, they got married. But now it’s over.

Anders Borg and I have jointly filed for divorce today. Since we do not have children living at home together, a divorce takes effect without time for reflection. No comments. End of message, wrote Dominika Peczynski on her Facebook.

Huge support after the tough decision

At the time of writing, Dominika’s posts have over 300 likes and over 100 comments. And the support for both Dominika and Anders Borg is great in the comments field.

“Take good care of your best Dominika and best Anders. And good luck in your new phase of life. Despite this joint decision, you are still good and wonderful people. Big warm hug!”writes a user.

“So sad to hear. Still see the pictures in front of me, on the roof terrace when you changed rings. Sends reflection in your difficult time.”writes another.

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