Following His Passing, Players Pay Tribute To Lance Reddick In Destiny 2

Following His Passing, Players Pay Tribute To Lance Reddick In Destiny 2

The small screen and video game worlds are in mourning. Known for his many television roles and prominent voice acting roles in the video game world, actor Lance Reddick has died suddenly at the age of 60. The shock of the news gave way to multiple testimonials and tributes for the man who was in full promotion of John Wick 4.

An unforgettable voice in the world of video games

Many of you have certainly seen him in the series Oz produced between 1997 and 2003, while the younger generation has undoubtedly discovered him between the years 2000 and 2010 in the series Fringe when he played the role of Phillip Broyles director of the “Fringe” section. One of his last appearances dates back to his participation in the series Resident Evil from Netflix under the guise of Albert Wesker.

This is only a small glimpse of his immense career, because Lance Reddick had several strings to his bow. Indeed, the American actor was also a recognized dubber in the world of video games.

If you play, you must have heard his voice before. Already engaged in the first installment of the Horizon saga, Lance Reddick recently came to bring the character of Sylens back to life in Horizon Forbidden West.

Far from being an amateur in the exercise, Reddick had a particularly well-filled CV in this field: Payday 2 (Charon), Destiny 1 and 2 (Commander Zavala), Quantum Break (Martin Hatch, right arm of Paul Serene).

Also involved in the John Wick franchise, Lance Reddick was busy promoting John Wick 4 when the drama happened. Keanue Reeves has also announced that the film will be dedicated to him. Likewise, the video game community has paid him many tributes, especially in Destiny 2 where players come to kneel at the feet of Commander Zavala.

Certainly, his disappearance from Lance Reddick will leave a great void for cinema and video game lovers.

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