Following the Quatennens affair, activists call for a “feminist succession” in political parties

More than 500 feminist activists, for some from political parties, denounced this Tuesday, September 20 in a grandstand “a system of protection of aggressors in politics”and called to “a feminist upsurge”after MP Adrien Quattenens admitted domestic violence.

“Let things be clear: the aggressors and perpetrators of violence cannot represent our political struggles”write these feminists, including PS spokesperson Gabrielle Siry-Houari, historian Mathilde Larrère and journalist Elsa Wolinsky, who are calling for the resignation of the deputy from the North.

The great embarrassment of La France insoumise over the Adrien Quatennens affair

“If Adrien Quatennens is not at this stage the subject of a judicial conviction, although criminal proceedings have been initiated, his confession makes him politically responsible”believe in this forum published by “Liberation” the signatories, who demand “that he resign from his parliamentary mandate, and that the sexist and sexual violence unit of LFI seriously consider all the degrees of sanctions available”.

“We call for a feminist succession”

“When a political group has a feminist program, particularly in terms of women’s rights and the fight against gender violence, we are entitled to expect it to stop protecting the aggressors and to unconditionally supports the victims of patriarchal violence”they write, condemning “with the greatest firmness the reaction of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his peers”who were slow to denounce the seriousness of the facts.

More broadly, citing a whole series of political leaders implicated in cases of gender-based and sexual violence, they affirm that“no militant organization can reasonably consider that it is not concerned. It is a system that persists thanks to complicity, identified behavior, conniving cowardice..

Quatennens affair: “The positions taken by certain political leaders are extremely deleterious”

“We refuse to campaign with male perpetrators of violence, or their accomplice friends”continue the authors of the text, including activists from LFI, the PS, EELV, or Generations, believing that it is “high time to make political space for feminists who fight daily against sexist and sexual violence”.

“Faced with a male solidarity that serves again to protect the aggressors swarming in our political spheres, we call for a feminist succession”add the signatories.

Among the signatories are also the founder of MetooThéatre Marie Coquille-Chambel, the author “Klair does Grr”or the former popular primary candidate Anna Agueb-Porterie.

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