Food products: prices are finally starting to fall

For several months, Algerians had been facing a considerable rise in prices leaving them for many in discomfort in view of the very low purchasing power of the average citizen. However, in recent days the market has been regulated and prices have dropped significantly for most consumer products.

Throughout Algeria, the stalls are finally displaying more or less affordable prices for food products, a drop eagerly awaited by consumers. Indeed, Hadj-Taher Boulenouar the president of the Algerian Association of traders and craftsmen estimated the average drop between 30 and 40 dinars per product.

Potatoes, for example, a food widely consumed by Algerians, has an average price of 80 dinars against 120 dinars a few weeks ago, while onions are displayed at 70 dinars. The price of tomatoes, in high demand in summer, also fell and reached 110 dinars. Fruits also see the same price decline, with a watermelon which went from 100 to 70 dinars per kilo.

With regard to meat, the average price of chicken has fallen by 120 dinars, a very significant drop which quickly entails purchases.

Official calls for support from farmers

After this drop in prices, the authorities must not rest on their laurels and let the situation deteriorate again and farmers have a major role in this regulatory mechanism.
It is in this context that the head of the National Union of Algerian Farmers, Abdellatif Dilmi said that it is necessary to support farmers so that they do not sell at a loss because of the current market. The National Union of Algerian Farmers has therefore filed a request with the competent authorities to support farmers and not abandon them in the event that prices reach record levels.

He also highlighted the practices of merchants that interfere with this decline and the accessibility of the product by the end consumer.

Prices will continue to fall, because as Dilmi asserted “the higher the temperature in the following days, the lower the prices”. Indeed, farmers and traders are forced to sell, if they do not want to lose large quantities of goods.

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