Food quota: bill seeks to create a registry of Debtors

The bill states that food debtor persons who have been declared as such by judicial authority are registered

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05/09/2022 – 9:55 p.m.

Food quota: bill seeks to create a registry of Debtors

Faced with the reality of many parents who do not meet their children’s food quota, the deputy for the Radical Civic Union (UCR), Roxana Reyes, presented a project in Congress that aims to create the “National Registry of People Alimony Debtors“.

The goal is to create this registry “in view of the imperative need for the State to act in pursuit of the rights of children and adolescents,” said the legislator, who also indicated that “it is necessary to have this Registration to prevent those persons obliged to comply with the duty of assistance to their offspring from not doing so”.

The legislator, who is the president of the Families, Children and Youth Commission in the lower house, said that “In Argentina, as in other regions, families do not always adequately resolve family organization in the best way. The high rate of divorces and separations in general occurs in contexts of high family conflict.”

And he added: “We believe that it is necessary to have a national registry that serves to cross-reference information from the provinces, with the aim of preventing those persons obliged to comply with the duty of assistance to their offspring from not doing so.”

The radical deputy Roxana Reyes presented the project in Congress to create the registry

“When families cannot assist their sons or daughters, the State must be present and fulfill its role of guarantor, but when, being able to contribute to the needs of their sons or daughters, having resources and means, they stop fulfilling their food obligations, the State must also be present and act. Enough of children begging for food quota“, he concluded.

The key facts of the bill

The project seeks to enroll the child support debtor that have been declared as such by judicial authority.

In addition, it plans to keep a list of people who totally or partially owe consecutive or alternate food benefits, either as provisional or definitive benefits fixed or approved by final judgment.

It will also seek to issue debt free certificates for procedures such as passport application or its renewal, qualifications for the opening of businesses and/or industries, driver’s license application or its renewal, applications for opening current accounts and granting or renewing credit cards, as well as any other types of banking or stock operations determined by the respective regulations, among others.

The project seeks to register food debtors who have been declared as such

How to enroll or unsubscribe from the registry

Both registration and removal from the registry are made by court order or at the request of a party.

In this sense, according to the project, he is considered a person alimony debtor “Anyone that is obliged to pay child support, which is recorded in a final judgment or agreement and that fails to pay in a timely manner.”

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