Food trucks on the B303: The offer from is so unique "föodspace"

  • What are food courts?
  • The B303 foedspace
  • The beginnings of Föödspace and the current providers
  • Conclusion

The triumph of mobile gastronomy began at the end of 2015, and in recent years hundreds of food trucks have been added to Germany. There is a special place for food trucks on the B303. Whether classic burgers, sausages, goulash, grilled chicken, Italian and American sandwiches, fries in all variations, carrot hot dogs or galettes – the range at first, Upper Franconian food court is huge. That daily changing offer Various food truckers and food suppliers have been delighting numerous hungry residents since the beginning of 2021, but visitors from near and far also appreciate the variety of handmade dishes. There are varied offers all day several days a week, which are always freshly prepared and are intended to be taken away or eaten on site.

The B303 foedspace

So-called food courts originate originally from the United States and denote a separate area on which standalone restaurants and takeaways offer their food and on which there are often shared seating options. Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on a large part of the gastronomic offers of local service providers in recent years, the idea of ​​an adapted one arose Food court in the Coburg area. A place for this was quickly found, because in previous years there had already been a gastronomy here that was known and loved far into the region for its grilled specialties. The location on the busy B303 near Ebersdorf / Frohnlach not only offers truck drivers and long-distance drivers the opportunity to take a short break, many residents now get their portions for lunch or dinner and companies also used the option of ordering and picking up at the B3Ö3 Föödspace. The name “B3Ö3 Föödspace” is an own creation.

The offer of the individual food truckers is through different themed stands added. These range from fresh asparagus to strawberries, flowers to Christmas trees and stands from various small suppliers. The food truckers are in a loose and free connection with each other, the coordination of appointments, agreements and announcements are made by the owner of the place, Frank Heumann. This also provides the electricity availablewhich is billed individually to the provider.

By the way: Other entrepreneurs have also discovered the good location and connections for themselves. Among other things, a modern LIDL branch will be opened on September 15 at the location next to the B303.

The beginnings of B3Ö3 Föödspace

In January 2021, the first food truckers fought their way through the icy wind and the uncertainty of such a new project for the region. After a few weeks, however, the first providers noticed a certain continuity and it was clear that the concept expanded would become. Many a food trucker has already been able to start with a large number of regular customers, since one or the other company has been known in the Upper Franconian area for years and the dishes offered had already established themselves as special delicacies.

However, numerous new creations also found their way to B3Ö3 Föödspace, the The range of offers became ever broader and more varied. Count currently several different food providers to the loose team of Frohnlacher food truckers. Whether meatless, vegan, classic, sweet or savory, there is something for (almost) everyone.

Pre-orders are possible at any time via the respective provider and are particularly recommended around lunchtime, the contact details can be found on the Föödspace Facebook page. New food suppliers are also wanted and welcome, double occupancy is also possible. The offer should always varied and varied be, a daily occupancy is the goal of the site provider. The concept is quite unique and has already found numerous imitators throughout Germany.

The current providers

In addition to classic fast food dishes, the food truckers often offer individual dishes to the freshly prepared on site will. Also is the customer contact often more intensively than in classic restaurants, since the owners here often get into conversation with the customers themselves and criticism or praise thus find their way directly into the mobile kitchen.

here the current week at B3Ö3 Föödspace:

  • Sunday and Monday are free at the moment, interested providers can apply to Frank Heumann via [email protected]
  • Tuesday: Hauser’s Galettes (second Tuesday off)
  • Wednesday: Antonio Basalo Gomez with Hertel Chicken
  • Thursday: Heiko Food & More:Red or Black
  • Friday: Orzzy’s Food Trailer
  • Saturday (from October): Otto’s grandson and Mario Hermann’s goulash cannon


If you believe the statistics, every second person is currently bringing their own food to work. Canteens are only used by 19.5 percent of employees, but the trend towards mobile catering is increasing. In large cities, in 2015 it was already 29 percent of those in work who get a snack from a food truck or snack bar during their lunch break. Also in rural regions mobile snack bars have arrived, in recent years food trucks have been a lucrative alternative for many providers. The awareness of individual food courts is growing continuously.

Food trucks are often one delicious alternativeoften will handmade dishes without additives offered, because food trucks usually stand for regional and conscious food with unusual creations. If you want to support mobile gastronomy, you will find more Food truck parking spaces now also in numerous appsome of which are subject to a fee for the providers, but often offer a good overview of the various locations.

The Frohnlacher / Ebersdorfer B3Ö3 Föödspace offers a good port of callwhich is now used not only by local customers and companies, but also by hungry guests from other parts of Upper Franconia.

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