Foot: Spanish justice orders the imprisonment of French international Lucas Hernandez

The player appealed against this decision, taken by the courts because he did not respect a removal measure imposed after a fight with his partner in 2017.

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From the League of Nations to prison? Spanish justice ordered, Wednesday, October 13, the imprisonment of the French international defender of Bayern Munich Lucas Hernandez for not having respected a removal measure imposed after a fight with his companion in 2017, announced the Higher Court of Justice of Madrid.

Lucas Hernandez, 2018 world champion and winner of the League of Nations with the Blues on Sunday against Spain, will have to appear on October 19 before a court in Madrid so that the imprisonment order is notified to him. After this audience he will have ten days to enter “voluntarily” in prison. The player appealed against the execution of his sentence, the court said.

The first conviction of Lucas Hernandez in this case dates back to February 2017. The defender was then sentenced, like his partner, to 31 days of community service and a deportation order and ban on entering contact for six months for mutual domestic violence. Barely four months later, the player and his partner were arrested at Madrid-Barajas airport on their return from vacation.

The footballer had been detained for a few hours in police custody by the police for not having respected the removal measure imposed in 2017, before being released. Tried for non-compliance with the expulsion measure, he was sentenced in 2019 to six months in prison. On the other hand, his partner had not been arrested at the airport because the deportation order had not yet been officially notified to her at that time. So she was not at fault.

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