Football puts Cacique as the favorite for the Superclásico

There is less and less left for Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile to animate a new version of the Chilean Superclásico, a duel scheduled for the 22nd date of this 2021 National Championship for the next Sunday, September 26 from 4:30 p.m. in El Teniente de Rancagua.

This duel between albos and blues comes with the Cacique being the absolute leader of the tournament with 40 points, five more than his closest pursuers. The U for its part is fifth with 33 units and seeks to get into the fight for the title.

His best place in the table and his good football present puts the Cacique as a wide favorite for this meeting. This is how different protagonists of Chilean football see it, who do not hesitate to choose Gustavo Quinteros’ team over Esteban Valencia’s as the one called to be the winner of the game to be played in Rancagua.

Nicolás Núñez, Magellan’s coach, pointed out in conversation with RedGol that “I see Colo Colo stronger emotionally, believing in an idea. Although the U raised, in operation Colo Colo has been better than them ”.

Nano Diaz continues in that line, sentencing that “Colo Colo plays better. He has more balance on the lines and the players are with better individual performances. The albos arrive better in every way. The individual level of Colo Colo is above U ”.

The captain of Cobresal, Rodolfo González, also put chips to the Cacique: “They come on the rise and with a lot of confidence. Before they lost to us, they didn’t lose long ago. And after that they kept winning.

“They come packed. The team is working well, with a lot of dynamics “, added Ítalo Traverso, PF of Deportes La Serena.

Juan Carlos Letelier it was also played by the Cacique, pointing out that “Colo Colo has made more differences, in complicated games he has managed to cope. On the other hand, the U have been complicated a lot in the last games and have had more problems than Colo Colo ”.

Colo Colo wants to continue with the triumphs against Universidad de Chile in Superclásicos. | Photo: UNO Agency.

One of the dissident voices in this past was that of the Raul toro, who stated that “The one who is wrong usually plays the best game. They are games in which the teams are motivated in a different way ”.

Jorge Garcés joined that trend by warning that “Table position and performance don’t count. Thats the reality. The classics are technical draws, ensure continuities. They can give peace of mind for the year practically ”.

El Cacique already beat U 1-0 in the last Superclásico. | Photo: UNO Agency.

Former central defender Sebastián Rocco made a call around the youth of the Albo team: “The players who have Colo Colo, the guys who are appearing, do not have much reference to classics. How many classics will they have in the body? Colo Colo has an advantage in the emotional part due to the results and the game he is showing, but the U has an advantage because he has more experience and his players have lived more classics ”.

Finally, Oscar fabbiani He acknowledged that the albos arrive better, but he put chips to Joaquín Larrivey. “I see Colo Colo has been playing better, every day more complete and safer than the U. But I think Larrivey can walk very well, I like the way he plays”, he concluded.

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