For an apple pie that is always very soft and full of taste, this simple ingredient that everyone knows is enough

Finally, it’s apple time! Much loved and juicy, these rounded delicacies of nature will delight us throughout the winter.

Available all year round, thanks to greenhouses and specialized crops, apples rank as one of the best and most sought-after symbols of autumn.

An ancient wealth

In this period, the numerous varieties of apple color and enrich the counters of supermarkets and small fruit and vegetable shops, present in every city or small village of the Belpaese.

It’s hard not to love them! And how many recipes can be made with these good and versatile fruits.

For a long time, the apple was considered the dessert to be enjoyed at the end of a meal, thanks to its fresh and sugary flavor. On many occasions, in fact, it has satisfied the palate of young and old, in a few minutes and with extreme simplicity. On the other hand, how can you resist, for example, these delicious baked apples with an exceptional aroma?

Not to mention the goodness of this fluffiest apple pie in the world.

For an apple pie that is always very soft and full of taste, this simple ingredient that everyone knows is enough

A dessert that is as easy as it is good that we should all know how to prepare. Over time, the great classic of apple pie has been reproduced in every way and way. Nowadays, the variations of the traditional recipe are truly endless.

There are many ingredients that blend perfectly with the sweet fragrance of apples.
This evening, for example, we present a small one, small but with an exceptional taste.
The secret of the apple pie is the softness of the dough, made even softer and tastier by the consistency of the apple itself.

Few people know that this simple ingredient that everyone knows is enough for an apple pie that is always very soft and full of taste. We are talking about the date. A small and sugary fruit, perfect for making even a classic apple pie special.

Inserting the chopped dates into the cake dough, possibly a simple recipe like this, will greatly improve the final result. The cake will immediately appear super soft!

Be careful, however, not to exceed the quantities because these fruits are very sweet and definitely do not save in calories.
In fact, 100 g of dates contain 253 Calories. For these reasons, by adding dates, one could think of decreasing the amount of sugar in the dough.

Dates are not only sugary but they are foods rich in nutritional properties. Known as laxatives, dates contain vitamins A and K, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and other beneficial substances for the body.
Additionally, date fibers appear to help keep cholesterol levels in check. Finally, they would also protect against colon cancer and other cancer disorders.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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