For Black Friday, buying a good 4K QLED TV from Samsung becomes very accessible, even in 55 inches

News good plan For Black Friday, buying a good 4K QLED TV from Samsung becomes very accessible, even in 55 inches

When we start in the high-flying television, we think of the Samsung 55Q70A. From the standard size to the QLED technology via a reduced price during Black Friday, the latter has everything to please during this promotion period, at less than 650€.

Acquiring a Samsung QLED SmartTV for less than €700, a successful objective for Black Friday

Despite its recent arrival on the OLED market, Samsung continues to offer the QLED televisions that have been its great strength for a long time. Especially since today, several manufacturers are trying to surf on this technology and Samsung no longer has a monopoly.

Buy the 55Q70A 55 inches at €649.99 at Cdiscount

The manufacturer must therefore continue its efforts to keep consumers in its fold and not disappoint old and new buyers alike. This range appeared on the shelves at the start of 2021, these were the manufacturer’s most successful televisions at the time.

At present, the price has fallen significantly given the renewal of the range that has taken place. Today marketed at a price of €784.90, you can take advantage during this Black Friday of a discount of almost €135 for benefit from this TV at €649.99, a great opportunity if you are looking for a television that still has a bright future ahead of it.

For Black Friday, buying a good 4K QLED TV from Samsung becomes very accessible, even in 55 inches

The ideal format and technology for a PS5 or an Xbox Series X

We are therefore here faced with a QLED TV. It is, for those who are not in the know, a derivative of conventional LCD televisions, which benefits from an improvement in the backlighting in order to accentuate the colors and the brightness of the image.

Equipped with the in-house processor, the Quantum 4K, this television can process degraded image sources in order to improve them and allow you to enjoy them in a better resolution. In addition to a 4K resolution, this model has a QLED panel with a refresh rate of 100 Hz, in other words, it is an ideal television for playing the PS5 or Xbox Series.

This smart tv made in Samsung allows you to enjoy all your streaming services directly on your screen thanks to the Tizen OS operating system. From Netflix, to Amazon Prime, via Disney+, everything will be allowed on this 4K television.

Buy the 55Q70A 55 inches at €649.99 at Cdiscount

Players will not be left out since the television, equipped with its HDMI 2.1 ports, is capable of bringing you your game in 4K at 120 frames per second. An excellent argument for those looking for a television capable of offering a rendering worthy of the latest consoles or even your computer.

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