For Black Friday, Roborock flattens the prices of 3 vacuum cleaners (-40%)

Here we are: Black Friday is finally here! This is the perfect opportunity for Roborock to suck up the prices of three of its flagships: the S7, S7 Pro Ultra and Dyad. Until November 28you can save several hundred euros thanks to discounts of up to 40%. Whether you want to keep control of your household or prefer to let robots do this chore, you will find your account at the best price.

The Dyad, the efficient vacuum cleaner

After vacuuming, take out the mop, fill the bucket with water and wash your floors with plenty of water. So many laborious steps to have a clean interior. To save you energy and time, Roborock introduced its very first vacuum mop a year ago. It is about the famous Dyad. In a single gesture, it vacuums, cleans and dries your floors.

Roborock Dyad mop vacuum

© Roborock

With its three rollers that rotate in opposite directions, your floors are spotless without effort on your part. No stain, even encrusted, is the weight. As for its autonomy, it works tirelessly for 35 minutes thanks to its battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh. That’s enough to make your home shine. You have finished ? A simple touch of the finger is enough for your Dyad to clean itself. Yes, the rollers clean themselves like magic.

Usually displayed at 399 euros at Cdiscount, it benefits from an immediate discount of 160 euros. Thereby, the Roborock Dyad collapses to 239 euros until November 28. This 40% reduction on the occasion of Black Friday is a godsend. Do not delay in making your decision: stocks are flowing like hot cakes at the merchant.

I take advantage of the offer at Cdiscount

The Roborock S7, a real darling

Black Friday is also the perfect opportunity to get Roborock’s bestseller, namely its exceptional S7, at a ridiculously low price. The technical data sheet of the Roborock S7 is enough to make your head spin: autonomy of 3 hours, suction power of 2500 Pa, sonic vibration system with 3000 revolutions per minute, LiDAR navigation, ultrasonic sensors and much more. Results ? Clean floors from home without you having to lift a finger. Say goodbye to dust and stubborn stains on your floors.

Roborock S7 Vacuum Cleaner

© Roborock

Cherry on the cake ? The remarkable Roborock S7 is currently displayed 429 euros instead of 549 euros on Amazon, an immediate discount of 120 euros. It will be difficult to find better: the quality-price ratio is undeniable. You have until November 28 to take advantage of it. Time is running out and stocks are melting like snow in the sun.

I take advantage of the offer at Amazon

The Roborock S7 Pro Ultra, to go further

Not having to vacuum and mop is good. But don’t have really nothing to do ? It’s definitely even better. To save you even more time and energy, Roborock has unleashed the heavy artillery this year. The S7 Pro Ultra is a bit like the steroid version of the S7. An even more powerful robot vacuum cleaner with 5100 Pa suction power and VibraRise® technology to scrub floors with vigor.

Roborock S7 Pro Ultra

© Roborock

The mapping performed by the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra is precise and fast, to relieve you on a daily basis. But the best thing about this very premium model is its innovative smart station. Thanks to it, you no longer have to empty the dust container after each use, clean the mop or fill the water tank yourself. It is magic !

At Amazon, Roborock is hitting hard for Black Friday. The S7 Pro Ultra is yours for only 899 euros instead of 1199 euros. This allows you to save 300 euros on the initial price. A golden offer for all those who are tired of cleaning.

I take advantage of the offer at Amazon

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