“For Colo Colo it should not be imperative to turn around with UC”: Marcelo Barticciotto puts restraint in the preview of the match against the Cruzados

The idol of the Cacique analyzed the scenario of the next date in which Colo Colo can become champion of Chilean soccer against the Catholic University. Barti does not see the urgency, but he just wants the event to take place when it has to be.

Colo Colo can be champion of the National Championship against UC if there are some results
© William SalazarColo Colo can be champion of the National Championship against UC if there are some results

Colo Colo begins a new week of preparation for what will be the final stretch of the National Championship. Los Albos have the first option to keep the title and, against Universidad Católica, they can raise the Huemul de Plata at the Monumental Stadium.

The fact can mark an important milestone. After long years, the Cacique can win a long tournament and, in addition, There is the opportunity to celebrate a title at home after 8 years, when the long-awaited 30 was achieved against Santiago Wanderers in La Ruca.

Another special seasoning is that the Olympic round would be against a team that won the previous four tournaments.. Universidad Católica has dominated national football and the fact that Colo Colo is consecrated under their noses can be considered a nice revenge.

However, despite the curiosity and the desire that the fans may have for this to happen, there are those who are more measured. One of them is Marcelo Barticciotto who, in his space at Al Aire Libre en Cooperativa, analyzed the option and called for calm.

“Both Curicó and Ñublense play at home and it is an important handicap for them, since they take advantage of their localities and become strong at home. If it is not on this date, Colo Colo must achieve the goal as soon as possible. It is known that against Universidad Católica it will be a difficult, complex match, since they have raised their level and know how to play this match in a good way”pointed out the current sports commentator.

Finally, he assured that “for Colo Colo it should not be imperative to try to turn around with Católica. I think that for the fans it could be important, but for the team the objective has to be to achieve it either against Católica or else next weekend against Curicó”.

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