FOR “SQUID GAME” FANS – New Netflix horror hypes from Korea

“Squid Game” was just the first trick …

They are cruel, bloody and absolutely addictive: horror series from Korea! This was recently proven by the now legendary “Squid Game” format, a story about a group of heavily indebted men and women who engage in a mysterious game of life and death. Streaming giant Netflix has recognized this and is continuously expanding its range of standard Korean horror.

Here are five recommendations for horror and psycho fans. But be careful – these tips are not for the faint of heart!

„Hellbound“ (2021, FSK 18)

It’s THE current hype: With “Hellbound” Netflix delivers a dark mystery hit that is second to none. According to the website “FlixPatrol”, “Hellbound” led the Netflix top ten in more than 80 countries shortly after its publication, thus ousting “Squid Game” from the throne.

The six-part series is about a supernatural threat from which there seems to be no escape: three giant figures appear out of nowhere in the South Korean capital, Seoul, who first kill a man in the most cruel manner and then send him to hell .

The charismatic Jung Jinsu (Yoo Ah-in, 35), leader of the sect “The New Truth”, explains the shocking event as follows: With the help of the three giants, God takes revenge on human sinners. Before that, an “angelic being” appears to the condemned and informs them of the time of their death. Through the murders mankind should find its way back to virtue.

When the young mother Park Jung-ja (Kim Shin-rock) learns in the presence of her children that she too will die, she turns to the “New Truth” for help. Leader Jung Jinsu suggests that her execution be broadcast live on TV – as a warning to those around her.

The masked “VIPs” on their way to see the execution, called the “demonstration”, from Park Jung-jaFoto: Netflix

“Hellbound” is more than a bloody horror blockbuster. Rather, the series draws a disturbing vision of the future that should give the viewer some goose bumps. And it’s not always easy to take a look …

„Sweet Home“ (2020, FSK 16)

The focus of the South Korean horror mystery series is Cha Hyun-Soo (Song Kang, 27). The teenager has lost his parents and sister and is now moving to a cheap apartment complex in Seoul.

When monsters take over the city, Cha Hyun-Soo and his neighbors, some of which are quite bizarre, are trapped. Even more: All monsters were once human – for inexplicable reasons, the inhabitants of Seoul are gradually turning into the cruel creatures. And these lurk everywhere …

The film can now also be seen in the dubbed German version.

„Kingdom“ (2019, FSK 16)

Zombie shocker meets costume ham. What at first sounds like a rather idiosyncratic combination turns out to be a well-made Netflix horror hit.

In the Korean series, which begins like a political thriller in front of a historical backdrop, Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon, 39) is sent on an suicide mission in historic South Korea to investigate a mysterious plague: He has to defend his people against bloodthirsty zombies .

Admittedly, it takes a while for “Kingdom” to ignite. But then you can’t get enough of the mix of large staged splatter scenes and the lavishly designed sets. There are currently two seasons on Netflix.

„The Call“ (2020, FSK 16)

Not a series, but definitely worth mentioning: The South Korean film “The Call” is the absolute insider tip for everyone who likes eerie psychodramas and time travel.

Seo-yeon (Shin-hye Park, 31) is returning to her parents’ house after years. When an old phone rings, she picks it up – and hears a frightened voice of a girl. Young-sook (Jong-seo Jeon, 27) tells her that her mother, a shaman, would abuse her. The two young women finally find out that they live in the same house – only the girl Young-sook lives in the past 20 years earlier.

Seo-yeon goes on a search for clues - and has to realize that her friend from the past has a dark side

Seo-yeon goes on a search for clues – and has to realize that her friend from the past has a dark sideFoto: Netflix

The two become friends and realize that their actions can influence each other’s presence. The consequences are tragic and even fatal. Because Seo-yeon realizes too late that the girl from the past has a terrifyingly dark side.

So far, the film can only be seen in Korean, English and Spanish with German subtitles.

“Goedam” (2020, FSK 16)

The South Korean horror anthology series, which is only available in the Korean original with subtitles, offers crisp, short scary bites!

No episode lasts longer than ten minutes, but that’s enough to make you shudder thanks to numerous jump scare scenes (meaning sudden moments of shock). You won’t find cliff hangers here, because each episode tells a complete story.

“Goedam” is only for die-hard horror fans with strong nerves

“Goedam” is only for die-hard horror fans with strong nervesFoto: Netflix

The main roles in “Goedam” are played by ghosts and demons who target innocent people.

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